Sensitive Whey Bath Cream 400ml

A proven household remedy. For regular use.

Anifer Sensitive Whey Bath Cream is extremely beneficial for the skin. Bathe your skin in exquisite, natural liquid whey and aloe vera. This bath is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin, and is particularly suitable for babies. Anifer’s whey bath cream stabilises the acid mantle and the skin’s individual pH value. It also helps to protect the delicate microflora.  

A special procedure is used to preserve the valuable ingredients in whey, such as vitamins, immunoglobulins and proteins. For this reason, gynaecologists and dermatologists recommend the regular use of Anifer’s whey bath cream. Thanks to its natural acidity level, Anifer’s whey bath cream is very skin-friendly and regenerates the skin’s acid mantle. (PZN 3177816)




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